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Coe Brook Creations

Original HEX SIGN designs created by Monica Thornton.

Artist / Designer of original and custom order hex sign designs for nearly two decades.  Inspired by the classic designs of Zook, Claypoole and others.

Specializing in modern geometric patterns and symbolism with a flair for bright vivid colors and exceptional detail.

Custom orders available upon request - including inclusion of family lettering and/or family crest designs.

Contact the Artist direct...

2017 Original Design (SOLD)

...Incorporating celestial elements with Earth / Life symbols and modern geometric design...

2017 Design (SOLD)

...modern geometric patterns with Classic Dutch / Amish elements....


...modern geometric design with bold color choices - from the "Black and White" Collection...

2016 Fall Design - " Thanksgiving "

...fall themed sign representing "Thanksgiving - A New Life" flanked by Kaleidoscope Series #1 design (L,) and classic Dutch/Amish design (R. - sold)...

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About The Artist:

The artist of Coe Brook Creations is Monica Thornton - A native of Fairview Park, Ohio - graduate of Marquette University (99), Milwaukee, Wisconsin - and current resident of Winston, GA.  Thornton spent nearly 10 years living in Seville, Ohio just outside of traditional Amish country in NE Ohio.  It was here that she was introduced to the hex sign tradition and created her first signs from traditional artist samples of Zook.  In the first few years, a particular interest in Johnny Claypoole designs came about.  This intrigue ultimately pushed Thornton to begin creating modern design themes with vivid colors, stark geometric patterns and complex designs.  Every sign is hand-painted and never duplicated as a painted piece again.  This makes all of Thornton's signs a true one-of-a-kind item for each owner.  Over the past 2 decades, Thornton has sold signs to buyers in almost every U.S. state, Canada and over a half dozen other countries - including many owners that have bought  multiple pieces for their private collections.  In 2017 Thornton found a Gallery in Atlanta, GA that began reproducing gallery quality limited edition prints of certain designs (3 in 2017) - along with digitized images for use on retail gift items.  It is Thornton's goal to follow in the footsteps of Zook and Claypoole as a top modern day designer.

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