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Decorative Dish - "Butterfly - Prosperity"

Decorative Dish - "Butterfly - Prosperity"

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Decorative serving dish / centerpiece with vinyl decal on metal.

This is the 1st design put into production through Gallery quality digitization for use on gift items for resale.

15" round and approximately 3" tall

Decorative metal dish - with metal and twine 

Original design - hex sign vinyl decal

Wooden handles 18" across at handles

The design incorporated unique lines, imagery and imagination to represent Good Fortune in all aspects of life.  The original sign remains in the artists personal collection as a favorite - and has been affectionately named "Butterflies" because of the images that came about in the finished product - inadvertently.

 This is a strong design with bold colors to impact any products that it is represented on.  This particular piece joins the precise lines and bold colors with dull metal, simple wood and rough twine for a truly eye-catching piece!

*not for use with direct food contact - and not dishwasher safe.

**Purely for decorative purposes.


Hex Sign Colors

Red- Love

Orange- Career

Yellow- Life

Blue- Protection

Purple- Sacred/Spiritual

Green- Fertility

Brown- Nature/Earth

White- Heavens

Black- Protection and binding agent


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