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Original Hex Sign - Good Fortune " A Good Life "

Original Hex Sign - Good Fortune " A Good Life "

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Original Hex Sign design - " A Good Life "

17.5" diameter on 1" thick Pine

Inspired by the colors and patterns of a kaleidoscope - this is the 2nd sign in the 2018 Kaleidoscope series.

This sign represents all of the colors to offer good fortune in all aspects of life.

Red: Love

Orange: Career/Success

Yellow: Life

Green: Fertility

Blue: Protection

Black: Binding Agent - Protection

White: Heavens

Brown: Earth

Purple: Sacred/Spiritual


I have been a hex sign designer for almost 20 years - with original hex sign artwork sold to almost all of the US states as well as many countries internationally. Limited patterns are replicated each year for reproduction to gift items - Coffee Mugs, Keychains, Magnets, shirts, Dishes, metal signs and limited edition prints on canvas are available for certain designs.

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